Cheating Woman Clobbered in The Head on 'LIVE STREAM' by Boyfriend

A shocking live stream video which surfaced online allege to be recorded in Brazil gets worldwide attention after the video began making rounds. The video showed a man who clobbers a woman on the head with allegations that she was “cheating.”

According to source, a man from the group, the allege boyfriend of the woman, had found what he thought were incriminating messages and pictures on her phone, and so he decided to teach her a lesson via livestream.

After having her place the phone on her head, she was struck hard with a piece of wood then punched in the face, she fell to the ground and had a seizure instantly.

Her boyfriend realizing what was happening quickly pull her up with desperate attempts to revive her.

Unfortunately we know not if she actually survived the blow sustained as the stream ended prematurely.

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