Woman Forced Teen to go Down on Her Then Leaked Video on Facebook

"A that you mada send you go school fa," were the captions made on a video which surfaced on social media where a teen was seen in her school uniform in the back seat of a car, seemingly being forced into 'lesbianic' activities by another 'open legged' female.

"A wa? Why you stop?" the female said in a low toned voice. "You wanna F*** me" ... the teen nodded her head saying yes, "Are you scared?" ... teen nodded no. "Then do it" ... The confused teen covered her face with her hands and seemed very uncomfortable of being pressured also the bright video light being constantly shining in her face.

"After all that convincing and  pure pressure, she the teen resumed going down on the woman throughout the rest of the video". Our news team happened to grab a few photos which were in the comment stream just before the video post was removed by Facebook.

Due to the fact that the teen is a minor we had to edit the image to protect her innocents.

Woman Accused of forcing teen into sexual activities
(Teen) Victim of the abused

At this point its clear that this confused teen was actually forced into something she had no clue about base on her reaction throughout the entire video. Social media commenters had Regurgitated some really nasty comments about the video and thankfully via those comments and shares made, the woman was easily found with matching tattoos and a popular mutual friend to several well-known Facebook users.

Sources also disclosed that the female is from the city of Montego bay.

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