Video of Woman Dancing With Heineken Bottle Sparks Fire on Social Media

What in the world did i just watched? A woman dancing in what some classify as a sick manner, upside down, and a heineken glass bottle 'jammed' between your legs.

Blasted by social media for her very inappropriate behavior is one woman who took her dancing a bit too far. Her performance was primarily destined for a group of people hanging out at a bar at an undisclosed location , but as we all know, once its being recorded, it will be uploaded.

She first started out doing squats before taking her moves to the sky, dancing on her head to the solid beats of a song by Razor B (Bruk Back). This woman seems professional as she easily make the head of the bottle toss to her rolling abdomen inline to the beat of the track.

Throughout the whole 29 second video clip, men were seen sitting with liquor in their cups, enjoying her exotic moves.

After the music came to a stop and crowd applaud in cheer and glee, she skilfully toss the empty glass bottle into a nearby drain then quickly requested her drink of a cold Guinness for her performance.

"This video is a total disgrace" on commenter wrote who saying she feels really bad for her and possibly her kids...

Such video base on its content nature is made available to watch on NBTV.

optional to who finds it disturbing