22-Y-O Gay Died by Electrocution After Trying to Jump a High Voltage Fence

A 22-year-old was electrocuted on a Tuesday morning after trying to jump a fence with high voltage access to housing, located in Ponce neighborhood of this city.

Walter David Rodriguez, a young gay man , known as Salome, apparently trying to enter the house and climb the cyclone mesh and want to cross the lines with electricity , high voltage glared , being inert over the fence .

According to the first report, the incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday at the Ponce neighborhood of this city, opposite a renowned restaurant selling roast .

Members of the Fire Department came to the scene to lower the lifeless body of 22 year old .

Also they reached the police and forensic medicine authorities to the recognition of Law and later handed the lifeless body to his families, who were present at the place where the accident occurred.

Source: jamolandia.com

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