Woman Removes Clothes Inside Atlanta’s Airport; Starts Twerking For Passengers

A woman is making international news after removing all her clothes while inside Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International airport. With smartphones on every angle, the woman started twerking in front of passengers.

An unusual and possibly unwanted sight greeted several passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Friday afternoon.

That's where, according to police and a video that has surfaced online, a woman was spotted running around Terminal B completely naked.

Police said she had apparently purchased a ticket with cash before beginning the unusual act.

For a time, the woman continued to run around the area flashing multiple people. However, she was soon taken into custody.

What spurred the strange incident isn't known at this point. Police took the woman to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Our news team happen to grab a copy of the video and have made it possible to watch.

Viewers discretion is advised.