Condoms in Drainage System Results Major Flooding in Montego bay

Jamaica's second city, Montego bay, was recently hit with an all island tropical storm which had caused water from the drains to rise and flood the streets.

{xtypo_dropcap}A{/xtypo_dropcap}ccording to the report, hundreds of used condoms, suspected from prostitution activities, featured prominently among other garbage found strewn at the mouth of the South Gully recently.

Downtown Montego Bay has faced a long-standing flooding problem commonly attributed to an accumulation of garbage and debris in gullies.

On Tuesday during the heavy showers associated with Tropical Storm Earl, sections of downtown Montego Bay were inundated, leaving numerous vehicles stalled and stranded.

The Montego Bay Marine Park said that large quantities of items such as used condoms, typically 100 or more at a time, were found.

These were suspected to be the result of increase in prostitution activities near the gully and there are nine adult entertainment clubs that are also observed in very close proximity to the gully,” deputy CEO of the Jamaica Environmental Trust (JET), Suzanne Stanley, revealed.

Styrofoam boxes and plastic bags, containing human waste have been caught by the [debris containment] boom as well.

So what seems to happen is that persons use these receptacles and defecate in these receptacles and then they throw them into the gully. The receptacles then float in the gully and then are trapped by the boom, along with the other debris.

This poses a serious health risk, of course, not only for...the users of Montego Bay for recreational use, but the persons who are clearing the debris from that boom, who are coming now in direct contact with these types of things.

When feces is contained in a Styrofoam box, or a bag, or something like that, you can’t tell what is in the box until, of course, you remove it from the boom. So it looks just like a bag or a lunch box until it’s removed and you realize its very disgusting contents.

Among the areas affected by Tuesday's flooding in Montego Bay were the newly developed Fairview Shopping Centre, where a number of motor vehicles were submerged in rising floodwater.

Sections of St James Street, Dome Street and Rosemount were also flooded, causing a slowdown in commercial activities.

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