Four Guns, Ammo And Lead Sheets Seized in Hanover

The Hanover police on Sunday morning seized four firearms, along with 34 rounds of assorted ammunition and a number of lead sheets during an operation in Land Top district, Chester Castle in the parish.

Reports on the operation were that about 6:15 a.m., officers responded to reports of shots being fired in the area, and later searched a premises, where the guns and a number of other items were reportedly seized.

  • One Glock 40 pistol with a magazine containing five .40 rounds of ammunition;
  • One Springfield HS 2000 pistol with a magazine containing six 9mm rounds of ammunition;
  • One 9mm pistol with a magazine containing seven 9mm rounds of ammunition; - one Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol;
  • Seven. 45 cartridges; - nine 9mm cartridges;
  • A cap with 'Police' written on it;
  • Three masks and - 120 lead sheets.

No one was arrested in connection with the seizure, but investigations continuing into the development.

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— NewsbugMEDIA