Female Cellmate Stabbed in The Leg And Breast For Refusing Sex

An inmate at the South Camp Rehabilitation Centre is facing the court after she allegedly stabbed a cellmate who refused her sexual advances.

Anna-Kay Watson pleaded not guilty to unlawful wounding when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

The complainant told the court that on April 14, she went to retrieve her sheet off the clothes line at the prison.

On her way back, she said another inmate told her, "Watch out. She a go stab you".

The complainant said that when she turned around, she saw Watson with a sharp tool, which she used to stab her in the leg, hand, and breast.

"Your Honour, a tru she wah deh wid me mek she stab me," the complainant said.

Judge Vaughn Smith was clearly not impressed with Watson, who was shouting expletives as she entered the court.

Smith asked her if she knew she could be charged with that, to which she replied, "no problem".

The complainant told the court that she was concerned about her safety as she shared a cell with Watson.

"Your Honour, the police dem can't even control her down at the prison. A bear trouble and problem she a cause. On my way here, she spat in my face three times and take off her slippers and throw at me," she said.

Watson interrupted the complainant, saying, "A bear lie she a tell. Nobody nuh have no tissue to wipe her mouth? A bear sh*t she a chat," which prompted Smith to order Watson to be quiet.

He also asked for some investigation to be done in the matter so that the complainant would be out of harm's way.

Both Watson and the complainant are to return to court on June 27.

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