Pastor's Cellphone Stolen During Prayer Service on Valentines Day

Absolutely no love was shown by a lone hoodlum on Valentine's Day, after he robbed persons who were worshipping at the Good Tidings Mennonite Church of God in White Hall, St Andrew.

The Information received was that worshippers conducting their regular Ash Wednesday prayer and fasting were left in shock because of the brazenness of a man reportedly dressed in a long-sleeve white shirt.

"Him tek the pastor phone and phones belonging to two other persons," a member of the church said.

The incident reportedly occurred about 11 a.m.

It has come to our understanding that children were on the outside, to the front of the church playing, while adults, split in groups, were inside praying.

"Kids were outside playing games on the phones, and the lone thief took the phone from the girl and then walked inside the church and started to rob persons," the church member said.

'Not even a phone that was being charged was spared'

"Him walk over and plug out the phone that was charging. Him just come and go away with three phones, including the phone which belongs to the head pastor. It happened so quickly," another witness said.

According to THE STAR, church members were forced to borrow a phone to contact the Constant Spring police.

When our news team contacted the police, they confirmed the reports. They also assured that the matter is being thoroughly investigated.

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