12 Foot 300 Pound Crocodile Attacks Man at Hellshire Beach St Catherine

Fisherman Oral 'Val' Alexander stood fearlessly along the Old Hellshire Beach in St Catherine yesterday as he recounted his encounter with a 12-foot 300-pound crocodile in the same water body on the night of August 1.

Nearly a dozen scars were still visible as he pointed to the spot the incident unfolded.

"Me and two other fishermen dive into the water. after shootING my first fish I turned off the flash light and put the fish in my sack. When I turned on back the light, I saw a piece of thing looking like a log just about two inches from my head, but when I looked closer, I realised it was a crocodile!" the fisherman for more than 30 years told THE STARin an interview.


Despite being in such close proximity to the beast, Alexander's years of experience taught him to remain calm.

He said he used his flashlight to gently nudge the reptile on its nose to move it out of the way, but the crocodile grabbed on to his hand.

"Normally, their jawbone is like 2,500 pounds of pressure, but he didn't put that amount of pressure on my hand, so I was looking on him and watching my hand inside his mouth. I grab my fishing gun and hit him on his teeth where he eventually opened his mouth, I just pulled out my hand from his mouth.

I realise my hand was bleeding really bad.


Things quickly escalated when the 47-year-old Portmore resident tried to swim away. The crocodile's claw scraped his back and got entangled in his fish bag.

The animal then wrapped around Alexander and pulled him underwater.

"My friends quickly realise what was going on now, but they were so frighten they ran to a rock. I try to surface about three times, but the crocodile keep pulling me back down to the deep.

Some other fisherfolk who were across from where we were angry saying 'Don't you see the crocodile is going to kill your friend?" Alexander said.


After realising no assistance was forthcoming, he said he shot the animal in its belly with his fish gun, and it released him.

But the saga was not done yet, as the reptile grabbed his head, flipped him over and pulled him to the bottom of the water.

"When I take the light and look above my head, I still see the crocodile swimming above, I just swim out underneath his belly and go on the stone in a bit to get out of the water.


Another boat man was around the other side of the sea and heard my voice and he bring me over the other side of the beach, and them drove me over the hospital," Alexander said.

He received two punctures in his left hand from the crocodile's teeth, four claw marks in his head, ranging from two to six inches long, a deep wound in his side, and two scrapes on his hand.

Originally deadlocked, he had to trim for medics to tend to the wounds.

But this is not his first encounter with wild beasts. He said in 1998, a bull shark attacked him in the same waters and bit out a piece of flesh from his knee.

Nonetheless, Alexander, a father of eight, said he would never give up his livelihood because he dislikes working for people.

He has not gone in the water since the attack because the wounds have not fully healed, but he said he plans to dive again as soon as next month end.

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