Woman Gets Arrested After Telling Police To 'Suck Back Him Mada'

'Di police dem didn't do anything wrong she resisted arrested and they had to use a bit of force people should manners and respect for the police people have more respect for the criminals they harbor in there community lock har up yess...'

{xtypo_dropcap}I{/xtypo_dropcap}t all started after a 'suck yuh mada' word exchanged between patrolling security officers and this women seen in a video below.

There are always three side to any story; my side, your side and the truth. 'Nobody nah just see you a walk so and tell you fi suck you mada. Dat just no sound logical at all. There is more to the story,' Renae said in a comment she made on the original post.

'Dem [email protected] bowy police fi deal with people betta den want respect but dem nah show any. A must look dem did a look the woman n she nah tek nuh talk,n him Dis har n she did back.' said shane.

What is your side of this story?

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