Bike Crash And Explode in Clarendon Killing 2; Body Burnt 4Hrs Before Help Arrive

A bike crash in Clarendon which resulted in an explosion has claimed the lives of two. JLP candidate for South West Clarendon says the state of Jamaica’s public services is very disgraceful.

He was reacting to the time - allegedly, nearly five hours - it took for emergency services to remove the bodies of two men who were killed in a motor bike crash in Rhymesbury in the parish.

The accident occurred at about 3:00 pm, and the dead bodies were reportedly laying out in the open up to at least four hours later.

“The state of our public services is disgraceful,” Gammon said. “The bodies were taken up about 07:40 pm. That is lack of state resources because, if we had it, the corpses would have been covered and taken away instead of four hours later.”

He said a JLP government would ensure prioritization of resources that would see persons who are victims of unfortunate circumstances being treated with dignity.