Father And 7-Y-O Daughter Shot As Gunman Rampage Community

A father, who was accompanying his seven-year-old daughter to school, was one of two people shot dead by rampaging gunmen in the tough Norwood community of St James this morning.

The seven-year-old girl is now battling for her life in hospital.

The deceased have been identified as 32-year-old plumber Sheldon Bailey of a Paradise, Norwood address and Sanjay Beckford, 30, of Providence, Flanker; both in St James.

Another man was also shot and injured and has been admitted in hospital.

The police said Beckford and his daughter walked a short distance from their community into bordering Norwood about 8:42am. They were reportedly standing at the edge of the Huger Lane section of the Norwood, when heavily armed men alighted from a car and opened fire, hitting them.

Frightened residents were sent scampering for cover as the trigger-happy gunmen continued their shooting spree, spraying bullets into the lane, shooting two other men.

The four people were taken to hospital where Bailey and Beckford were pronounced dead.