Brave Woman is Happy to Be Alive After Disarming Rapist in St. Elizabeth

A woman is lucky to be alive after she was attacked by a man with a gun along a ten feet road in Haughton district, St. Elizabeth, while walking home on Thursday night.

The Female whose name is being withheld was heading home when she was pounced upon by a man who brandished a handgun and told her not to move. She quickly realize what was about to happen and that this man wasn't about a robbery but had plans to rape her at gunpoint.

The brave woman managed to wrestled the gun from the man's hand but in a panic state she threw the gun at nearby bushes then ran for her life, she recalled.

The Lacovia police were summoned and a rusted 9mm Lorcin handgun was recovered from the scene. Crime Scene Investigators were called in to process the scene.

The victim was visible shaken and traumatized by the encounter.