More Leaks of dancehall freaks! | Macka Diamond dat coulda be yuh son!


A recent photo of the 'dye dye' diva Macka Diamond also known as Charmaine Munroe, Lady Cham, Lady Mackerel, and the Money Goddess leaked online and has fans wondering why she did such a thing.

Source of the photo below had comment saying:

  • 'sad when some big woman think they have to do things like this to get attention'
  • Fi a woman in her 40's wid a kid and a public figure she need fi do better. This nuh right. If a my mom do this mi cut her off fi life.
  • She must do a video next time mek we see if she bad,, lol,when the video release we give her 40 years a prison for being a infant killer, she a deh with man weh could a be her son, or a young man c**k she want 




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