Gully Bop Fighting with Miss Chin; Relationship Gets Bloody

Is this another publicity stunt or is Gully Bop and Miss Chin already having relationship problems for the upcoming 2016. A video recently surfaced online in which Miss chin was in a car trying to escape from Bop.

Miss Chin could be heard breathing heavily as she tried to make her way out to a police station. Caretakers on the scene tried to assist Miss Chin but was hindered by Gully Bop who eventually opened the gate himself. 

According to Shauna Chin...There is trouble in what was once paradise. She says she and Gully Bop has been having relationship problems for a few months now which escalated this morning into a physical altercation.

Shauna Chin is now at the police Station, where she intends to file a restraining order.

Watch and leave your thoughts below ... [hdvs videoid=24 width=100% height=460]

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