BUMBO CLAAT Has a More Hurtful Meaning Than You Think

Everyone, if provoked, will often throw a dirty word from their mouth. Often we are told that these words have no meaning to them and are just thoughts or sayings, but its a lie, you have no idea or clue as to what the build up of such phrases are about or how deep it goes according to history.

This article focuses mainly on Jamaican curse words. We have simplified curse words into two groups based on the effect it has someone namely; Softcore and Hardcore.

Both are currently being expressed strongly today and are purposely used to drive fear or as a strike back against someone who upsets you.

If you would happen to know the real meaning of these words used against you, your feelings might get hurt or you might throw a rock pending your temper level.

According to research the following defines the history behind all or can we say most Jamaican curse words.

  • Blood-klats or Blood Claaaaaaaat

Clat is short word slang for cloth. Back in the early days poor women had to use a piece of cloth as sanitary napkin.

This has been referred to as a Bloodcoth or pronounced blooodclaaaaaaat.

  • Bumbo-klats or Bumbo Claaaaaaat

This bring us back again to the poor where both male and female slaves used only a piece of cloth to temporarily remove waste matter from the anus or BUM (short for BUMBO) after using the bathroom, similar to how a tissue/ toilet paper would be used.

Both Bloodclaaaat and Bumboclaaaat are terrible insults to cast at anyone, the whole tampons and toilet paper talk is worse than you actually think or maybe not, but as time gets modernized more and more curse words are being invented.

Stories be told that once these particular names were used, the man on the receiving end would go howling down the street with all the neighbours cracking up laughter.

  • Go Suck yuh mada

This is old and has a stronger effect than the above and is seen as a verb, sending someone or anyone back to their birth place in a facial manner.

This has a very offensive meaning to it where as many Jamaican men tend to hide or be shy of there 'inner bedroom' activities where oral is concern and for one to swear with means and involvement of your mother, sister or any female known to that individual, might result a more serious retaliation.

  • Batty Boy

Jamaicans being a very homophobic country tends to use this phrase to curse gays or anyone who they suspect is not straight. It has become the norm in the music and modern society for someone who dislikes you in whatever way to swear at you with such word, even if you aren't gay.


Bloodclaat on the Curse list

Another theoretical definition which arose from these curse words stated that it was the name of the cloth being laid on the backs of slaves after being whipped, which would clot the blood, and when dried would be ripped off to expose new wounds.

Whatever fact lies beneath these word, they are not only harsh and hurtful but cuts you deep in terms of its history. 

Here is a hit single entitled Bumbo Claat by Peter Tosh

for those who find this article offensive or useless.

This article is for education purpose only, and should not be used to express how one feels about anyone.

People are known with different temper levels and you can really hurt someone's feelings or even yourself.

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