Teen Attacked And Chopped to Death on Washington Boulevard Teen Attacked And Chopped to Death on Washington Boulevard

Teen Attacked And Chopped to Death on Washington Boulevard

The world is just so evil. Was just at a crime Scene right now on the Boulevard. A man chop up a little girl, no more than 15 n just stood over her body,” said a man on Facebook who shared the gruesome video.

Its bizarre how this lady (Samantha) died as a result of chop wound sustained by a man who police are still contemplating whether he is unsound or provoked by this woman.

Our news team dug deep into the crime scene and unearthed some shocking information which mathematically add up to why the young lady's life was cut short.

Base on source, its alleged that Miss Lewis was being 'cared for' by this man who would regularly finance her finances.

Its when the man had received a phone call stating that the female was at another man's dwelling he had left a bar where he had some shots, head straight home for his cutlass (machete), met Miss Lewis at the bus stop while she was on her way home, delivered his judgement upon her without a single word. (sad)

Further allegations disclosed that after chopping samantha, killing her on the spot, the attacker when on his phone and summoned the police while he waited for them at scene.

This is the second time within two months that unsound minded men are comitting murders on the innocent.

In October, Tepton Walters, 70, of Hague in Trelawny was beheaded at his home by a mentally challenged man.

Screenshots below was taken from source along with Samantha Patrice Lewis's Facebook profile which later confirmed her identity.

Sources Screenshot #1
Sources Screenshot #2
Facebook Profile Screenshot


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